facing the sun

This site is currently in its fetal stage. As a citizen of the world, I understand very well that what happens over there can definitely affect what happens over here. It’s true that distance can often blunt the force of impact, but when problems are left to fester, the infection can spread a whole lot faster than we ever anticipated.

I currently live in an environment that “discourages” dissent and free thought. I won’t flatter myself and claim to be an independent thinker, because the reality is that I am fortunate enough to be able to “indulge” in critical thinking. What do I mean by this?

I mean to say that while people vary in their natural tendencies for critical thought, the environment can do plenty in terms of encouraging or destroying this quality. While I am not economically privileged, I know plenty of people who would suffer dire consequences should they allow themselves to question the system. The threat of unemployability and poverty is a very powerful stick indeed. In this sense, I am fortunate that I am partially shielded from the constant pressure of group think and fear that my contemporaries are subject to almost every single day.

I want to clarify that the content in this blog has been thoroughly researched and edited to the best of my ability. The aim is not to convert or convince, but to expand the narrow confines of debate.

The look and navigation of the blog may be updated from time to time. The menu is far from complete, and I have my incompetence to blame for that. I am hoping to add a link roll, which will include recommended alternative news sources (Counterpunch, RT, Paul Craig Roberts, Alternet, Zero Hedge, 21st Century News, etc.). I don’t agree with everything that is published in these sites, but that’s not the point–the idea is to provide dissenting information so we can decide for ourselves what we want to believe.


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